What to do in Jericoacoara and surroundings

Jericoacoara is a remote outpost of endless beaches, untouched by technological frenzy and also offers best wind conditions for windsurfing and kitesurfing in Brazil. The coast runs E W, parallel to the equator and in exact line with the trade winds.

As surfing is probably the main attraction to most, other water sports, such as stand-up-paddling and kayaking, are finding more fans.

Of course there are other things to do: hiking, horseback riding or climbing the “sunset dune”.

Excursions to the various beautiful lagoons are a favorite to many. Dune buggy rides are big fun, but are limited to certain areas as Jeri was named an Environmental Protection Area in 1984, to protect its unspoiled natural beauty. The Jericoacoara National Park was established in 2002.

Jericoacoara kitesurfing


CUMELEN works with Andrea Rovere, kitesurf instructor.

Preferred kites go from 6 to 10 meters.

Beginners can take lessons in fresh-water lagoons.

Different sailing conditions:

  • Preá, side-on wind.
  • Guriú and Mangue Seco, side-shore wind.
  • Jeri, behind the Sunset Dune, side-off winds, so pay special attention not to lose your board here.
  • Malhada, good waves when high-tide, side-on wind.
Jericoacoara windsurfing


Mostly along the main beach (kitesurfing here is not allowed). Depending on the tide, the sea here may be flat or have waves up to 2 meters’ high, and the wind is side-off. Side-on regular winds range from 15 to 35 knots almost every day of the wind season (from mid June to late January).

The wind is calmer in the mornings, perfect for beginners and to take lessons. If you are into more radical conditions, then the Malhada beach is great, with big and strong waves, and side-on wind.

Jericoacoara surfing


Best time from January to June.

Daily/Hourly rentals right on the beach.

  • Malhada beach, bigger and stronger waves, for advanced surfers.
  • Main beach, wider and softer waves, suitable for longboard and beginners.

SUP & Kayaking

The new water sports in Jericoacoara are SUP and kayak. Great alternative for days with light wind. The gentle waves on the main beach offer ideal conditions for paddleboarders.

Or you can also enjoy kayaking through the mangroves and explore hidden adventures just minutes away from Jeri. Lessons and equipment rental are available at the beach.

Dune Buggy Excursions

  • Azul and Paraíso, two fresh-water lagoons with white-sand beaches nestled in the dunes.
  • Tatajuba, village buried under sand dunes. Along the beach, traversing the mangrove and the dunes until reaching Lagoon da Torta, where you can go windsurfing and kitesurfing.
  • Seahorses, along the beach until Mangue Seco, where you go through on a canoe, sighting seahorses and crabs.

Pedra Furada - the drilled rock

Jericoacoara’s most emblematic attraction, which can be reached after a 30-minute walk along the low-tide beach. Or hike the Serrote Hill upwards, the vistas are stunning. In July only, due to the Earth’s position in relation to the Sun, you can enjoy sunset through the so-called “drilled rock“, one of Jericoacoara’s most wonderful natural sights.

Horseback riding

A natural way to know Jericoacoara, from the dunes to the Pedra Furada. Horse rentals are available.

No experience? Then better with a guide!